Dominica waterfall

This massive waterfall emphasizes the power and allure of nature in Dominica; credit Discover Dominica


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Discover why many call Dominica the “Nature Island.” It is arguably, the quaintest Caribbean getaway for eco-travel adventures. Your relaxing connection with variety of natural sights and sounds makes this island special. For many, a dip in Emerald Pool is one of the most rejuvenating experiences. But if must get your groove on, visit during the annual Mas Domnik Festival.

Ignoring Waitukubuli, the Carib name for the island, the Spanish explorer renamed it Dominica because he landed on a Sunday. By the time the British and French had begun the battles for the island in the 1600s, the Caribs’ grip on the island … More

From Boiling Lake to Fort Shirley, from Emerald Pool to Calibishe, from Kalinago Territory to Indian River, each will amaze you with their beauty and ancestral meaning … More

Batboy Beach, Hampstead Beach, Picard Bech, Sand Bay Marigot, Purple Turtle Beach, Mero Beach, Champagne Reef and … More

Whatever the island lacks in luxury resorts, it more than makes up in waterfalls, navigable rivers, attractive streams, national parks and a boiling hot reminder of its volcanic beginnings … More

Travel Tips
Currency is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar with U.S. dollars and credit cards accepted by most establishments. The island is on Atlantic Standard Time. English is the official language … More


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