Willemstad waterfront

Willemstad waterfront, Curacao ;| (c) Soul Of America

Curacao Attractions

Jean Girigory Gallery
DESCRIPTION: Since opening in 2004, this gallery presents the works of the artist Jean Girigory. There are paintings of different sizes, sculptures of bronze and ceramic and masks. Also featured are her unique glassworks and other accessories such as key chains, necklaces and bottle covers.
AREA: Santa Rosa, Willemstad
PHONE: +599 9 767 6912
WEBSITE: http://www.jeangirigori.com

Casa Amalia
DESCRIPTION: The Amalia concrete statues and ceramic clay figurines are handmade by local entrepreneur and artist Haitham Metry. The sculptures have Amalia as first name and the second name is in honor of a female who’s of great influence in Haitham’s life. Haitham’s guesthouse is also known as Casa Amalia where all the art is made. The concrete statues adorn the courtyard while the figurines are exhibited in the living room with paintings of other local artist. Visit the Amalia Boutique Guesthouse in Jan Thiel and enjoy a chat with Haitham.
AREA: Jan Thiel
PHONE: +599 9 560 9492
WEBSITE: http://www.amaliacuracao.com

Nena Sanchez Gallery
DESCRIPTION: Self-taught local artist Nena Sanchez, inspired by her surroundings, recreates the island’s bright colors and lush scenes in her distinctive paintings and gliclees (fine art digitally reproduced and placed on canvas). Her work is featured in private collections in Curaçao, Europe, and North and South America. Nena’s art can be purchased at her galleries at Landhuis Jan Kok and in Punda.
AREA: Willemstad
PHONE: +599 9 461 2882
WEBSITE: http://www.nenasanchez.com

Ritz Gallery
DESCRIPTION: Situated in the former Ice Cream factory The Ritz, it was the largest ice cream factory on Curacao with distribution through-out the Caribbean. After the factory collapsed the complex has been lovingly restored into an office park and hotel. When walking around, it feels like a little village.
AREA: Willemstad
PHONE: +599 9 465 9950

Mongui Maduro Museum & Library
DESCRIPTION: The plantation house “Rooi Catootje” houses a museum Curaçao’s culture. The antique mahogany closets are silent reminders of the many books that Mongui Maduro started collecting at a young age. The Dutch Caribbean and Jewish cultural historical collection contains newspaper clippings, books, old postcards, event programs, music scores from as early as the 19th century. The research library next to the museum.
AREA: Willemstad
PHONE: +599 9 737 5119
WEBSITE: http://www.madurolibrary.org/foundation

Landhuis Groot Santa Martha
DESCRIPTION: One of the oldest and largest villas on Curacao was built in at the end of the 17th century. There used to be a plantation here of 554 hectares. Until the beginning of the 19th century it was a sugar plantation, later altered to produce pulses, cattle and salt. In the late 19th century, this plantation supplied 90% of the Curaçao salt. It was extracted from the salterns of the Santa Marthabay. The land house was renovated in 1979 and now cares for physically and mentally challenged. Their crafts are for sale on the premises.
AREA: Santa Martha
PHONE: +(5999) 864 13 23
WEBSITE: http://www.tayersoshal.com

Beeldentuin Blue Bay
DESCRIPTION: The Sculpture Garden & Art Route lets you admire a beautiful collection of work by reknown artists that are inspired by the colors and vibes of Curacao. Sculptures are made of a wide range of locally available materials. Entrance to the Sculpture Garden & Art Route is free registration with photo ID at the Blue Bay Golf & Resort.
AREA: Willemstad
PHONE: +599 9 888 8800
WEBSITE: http://www.stichtingbeeldentuinbluebay.com

Serena Janet Israel
DESCRIPTION: Besides all her titles and qualifications, Serena is exactly what her name says about her. A down to earth and serene person who always comes up for the ones who need it the most. Her project enables local women to empower themselves to take care of their families financially all the while being at home to take care of them physically and emotionally as well.
AREA: Santa Catharina
PHONE: +599 9 738 0648
WEBSITE: http://www.chichi-curacao.com

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