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Mayan Temple model at Discover Mexico, Cozumel; (c) Soul Of America

Cozumel Travel Tips

Cozumel Facts

Official Language: Spanish
Currency: Peso
Time Zone: Central Standard Time Zone
Est. Population: 90,000
Cruise Port City: San Miguel

Cozumel Travel Tips

Passports are required for U.S. citizens.

The island’s tropical climate averages 80 degrees from October to April and 90 degrees during the summer with humidity (up to 110 degrees during summer). As a result, the dress code is always Island Casual.

To avoid crowds and higher prices, March to May is off-season.

The rainy season starts in October and ends in November, but because it is a tropical climate, brief showers can come at any time.

Currency is the Peso, but U.S. dollars and major credit cards accepted by most establishments.

Some English is spoken by many locals.

If you use a few key Spanish phrases, then you will have a better experience. You can make phone calls or use the internet at stations near the cruise port. Get a local phone card for the best rates.

The post office is located on Avenida Rafael E. Melgar, across from Punta Langosta Mall. Post office hours are 9am-6pm (Monday-Friday) and 9am-12pm (Saturday).

Banks are open from 9am-5pm (Monday-Friday) and 10am-1pm (Saturday). The most common ATMs are part of the Cirrus or Plus network (Some ATMs only allow PINs with 4 or less digits).

Most stores are open 9am-9pm (Monday-Saturday).

You should drink only bottled water or water that has been boiled.

Bring sunglasses, hat and plenty of Reef-friendly sunscreen.

Electricity is the same as the U.S. however some outlets may not accept a three prong plug, so bring a converter. If you plan to use a laptop, bring or purchase a surge protector in Cozumel.

Don’t take photos of military, high security areas or local people unless you have their permission.

The major holidays in Cozumel are New Year’s Day, Constitution Day, Flag Day, Holy Week, Primero de Mayo, Navy Day, Anniversary of the Battle of Puebla, State of the Union Address, Independence Day, Day of the Race, Day of the Dead, Mexican Revolution Day, Christmas Day.

The crime rate is lower than most cities in Mexico, but of course both visitors and residents should use common sense when out and about.

To avoid harassment by the local men, women should consider traveling with their male companion or in groups.

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