Villa Mar, Cozumel Attractions

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Cozumel Attractions

Downtown San Miguel and Villa Mar have all the restaurants, gift ships and duty-free shops you’d expect for a popular Caribbean destination and then some.

Discover Mexico

Stories, people, art, food, gardens, architecture, music, and tradition blend to create the rich history and culture of Mexico. The models on grounds appeal to all five senses, giving you a comprehensive overview of the richness of Mexico. This interactive park is family-friendly and includes limited mobility access to our botanical gardens, the Museum of Popular Arts, and specialty tours for an array of interests. They offer the José Cuervo tequila seminar, the Kaokao chocolate workshop, margarita center, taco buffet, cafe, gift shop, the Papantla flyers show, and the dioramic garden showcasing the most iconic constructions of Mexico’s landmarks. Even if only visiting for one day on a cruise stop, you can experience the essence of the country by visiting Discover Mexico.

Swim with Dolphins – Chankanaab Beach Adventure Park

Swimming with dolphins in their natural habitat is exhilarating in this beautiful conservation area located in the heart of the island beach side. The park was created to protect the incredible fauna & flora species of Cozumel. Swim with Dolphins patrons are free to use the park to relax, dine, snorkel, watch sea lions, and feed the manatees.

Premium Dolphin Swim Packages vary for swimmers and non-swimmers. It is also timed for cruise patrons only staying in Cozumel for 1 day. Packages include Park Entrance, lockers & showers, Dolphin Swim, Manatee Time, Sea Lion Show, buffet lunch and return transportation to cruise ship or hotel.

No need to feel guilty about captured dolphins. All dolphins in the park were born under human care and were not captured in the wild. They probably receive better medical care than you. Cost starts at $45 per person. Age 5 and under enter Free.

Pirate Ship Adventure

Embark on an action-packed adventure aboard a replica pirate ship sailing around Cozumel. The game-filled pirate crew adds levity to your visit to the the world’s second-largest coral barrier reef. The cruise includes a delicious meal and time to explore Cozumel’s museum and downtown area. Enjoy refreshing drinks served at the Cozumel Island Museum too. Cost is $100 with an online discount.

Parque Punta Sur

Located 30 Kilometers or 18 miles south of San Miguel, the park is dominated by mangroves swamp, marshes and sand dunes covered in natural vegetation. It used to be a dirt road that led straight to the Celarain Lighthouse. It is located at the southern most part of the island and was built to warn ships to prevent running aground. Since the early 1980s, the lighthouse was watched over by a family that would make fresh fish along with rice, refried beans and fresh tortillas made by the mom, for people that would come to visit. If the father of the family was so inclined he would get the keys and let you into the lighthouse; where you would scale the 127 steps to look out at what to this day is still the best panoramic view of Cozumel.

Now it has been renovated and turned into a lighthouse museum as part of “Parque Punta Sur” a park that is controlled by a concession. This overpriced “wildlife reserve” concession has constructed several observation towers and has a visitors center with shops, restaurants, a staging area where you are herded onto tour trucks that will take you to the lighthouse which is an additional 3 kilometers or 1.86 miles. The cost is a $10 per person “donation”. You can even take a catamaran ride through Columbia lagoon to observe the wildlife.

During the migratory birding season, which peaks around May, is the best time to view the water fowl, turtles, crocodiles and other wildlife that was always there, in greater numbers, before the “reserve” was built.

Between the staging area and the lighthouse you will see a small Mayan ruin which is called Tumba del Caracol. Cozumel’s, Shell TombIt is also known as the Shell Tomb. We used to go there at night and sit on top of it while reflecting on our good fortune of living on our paradise island. These days, you can look at it from a short distance as it is cordoned off. The hours of operation of Parque Punta Sur are between 9:00am until 5:00pm.

Atlantis Submarine Ride

See our pristine reefs from the safety of a state-of-the-art US Coast Guard approved submarine! Dive below the surface and explore our dazzling array of corals and sea creatures.
The submarine’s tender (Ana) will take you on a 12 minute ride along the leeward side of Cozumel as you cruise to the submarine. When you get to Chankanaab national park (your submarine dive site), you will be transferred from the tender to the submarine. Once everyone is settled in the hatch is secured and you will start your decent. The sub is also air conditioned for your comfort.

Your pilot will skillfully navigate the submarine as the co-pilot gives you an informative and entertaining narrative of your journey. Learn about the variety of underwater tropical fish, corals, and colorful sponges that make up Cozumel’s spectacular Caribbean ecosystem. As you cruise the ocean floor, you will view amazing formations including 30-foot coral heads and a great variety of marine animals and tropical fish including parrotfish, grunts and groupers.

This tour is suited for families that want to share this once in a lifetime experience with their children. No matter if you are with family, friends, or that special someone; there is something special and exciting to learn for everyone. Fish charts are available so that you can identify the many coral reef fish that swim by your observation portal. There is even a lighted debth guage so that you know exactly where you are at any given moment.

After your 40 minute tour the submarine will re-surface where you will be greeted by your tender. You will then be transported back to your pick-up points (Puerta Maya, International Piers, public ferry dock, or Punta Langosta) Your transfer back to your pick-up point is arranged through the ticket office and ground transportation which is right in front of the pier where you originally boarded.

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