Cancun Jumpoff crowd

Cancun Jumpoff crowd in and around the resort pool


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I could see miles of Cancun beach covered by miles of tourists, either slicked with tanning oil and laid out on loungers and colorful towels or kicking up the surf and swimming in the ocean’s warmth. Clear as glass and blue as indigo, the water seduces you easily. After filling my lungs with fresh air and feeling the sun’s kiss on my skin, I wanted nothing more than to slip into the surf, flip onto my back and float forever.

As Mexico’s largest resort area, Cancun is also the Caribbean’s most popular destination, surpassing even the Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Puerto Rico. Smart planning is how it got to its enviable level of resort destinations … More

I asked the hotel operator to call me at 5:30am on my first morning in Cancun because I didn’t want to miss what had been described as, a spectacular sunrise. By the time I trotted down to the beach and got comfy in a lounge chair, the top of a hazy white sun was peeking above a still-dark Atlantic Ocean … More

Arashi Beach on the northwestern end of the island skirts a barren lunar landscape and a winding road that leads up to California Lighthouse. Come see why the locals cal this beach … More

Cancun adventure rope-ride

Cancun adventure rope-ride

Chichen Itza
Located in the southern Caribbean islands, it is the smallest of the ABC islands, yet it has the same volcanic rocks, white sand, unusual rock formations and desert-like features that marvel visitors … More

Travel Tips
The major holidays in Cancun are New Year’s Day, Constitution Day, Mexico’s National Flag Day, Good Friday, Easter, Cinco De Mayo, Independence Day, Day of the Race, Day of the Dead … More


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