Brother sporting swimwear on Bermuda Beaches

Brother sporting Coral Coast Clothing swimwear at the beach in Bermuda; credit Visit Bermuda

Bermuda Beaches

Some Bermuda Beaches do not have any shade or umbrellas to rent. So you might want to rent those at your it can get quite sunny and hot. Your reward is many beaches around the island are lightly populated.

Horseshoe Bay Beach
Located in Southampton Parish, this beautiful pink sand beach is bordered by rocky areas suitable for snorkeling. Probably the most photographed (and most popular) Bermudian beach. Be aware that it may be crowded with cruise ship tourists, whose number one stop is often this beach. The surf can get rough at times here. There are bathroom facilities, beach rentals, and food concessions. Lifeguards in summer. Be sure to look for the impressive sea caves and tunnels. Day Cruises, Day cruises will give travelers the opportunity to discover the wide variety of sea life that dwells in Bermuda’s crystal-clear waters. The trip takes you to 2-3 different locations to get closer to the reefs and noted shipwrecks. Jessie James Cruises.

Elbow Beach
Another beautiful pink sand beach between Coral Beach and Coco Reef hotels. Two drinks in and you’ll want to let the world pass by.
Tribe Road #4, Paget Parish

Tobacco Bay
A boulder-sheltered, shallow, warm-water beach that can become quite crowded with cruise ship passengers. Can be reached on foot from St. George square or shuttles are readily available. Another walk will take you to nearby Fort St. Catherine. Restrooms, food concession, beach rentals.
St. George Parish

Achilles Bay/St. Catherine’s Bay
Can be reached on foot from St. George square or shuttles are readily available. Adjacent to Fort St. Catherine. Restrooms, food concession nearby, beach rentals.
Northeastern St. George Parish

Clearwater Beach & Turtle Beach
Located in Turtle Bay / Long Bay / Well Bay / Soldier Bay, in St. David’s near the eastern end of the airport runway. Located on former U.S. Air Base lands used for the NASA tracking station at Cooper’s Island. Restrooms, food concession, and a bar are available. Children’s playground. Lifeguards during the summer months.

John Smith’s Bay Beach
Located in Hamilton Parish with that island-famous pink sand abounding. Summer lifeguards make it safe for families. There is usually a food truck at the beach too.

Shelly Bay
Located off North Shore Road in Hamilton Parish, it features lots of shallow water and a large playground. What a great choice for families with small kids! Not far from Flatts Village and the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum, and Zoo. Restrooms, beach rentals, and food concessions.

Yachts in Somerset Village Harbor, Bermuda

Yachts in Somerset Village Harbor often take visitors snorkeling; credit Brandon Morrison

Warwick Long Bay
This is a very large beach. It’s less popular than the other large beaches due to its relatively steep sand slope, and strong undercurrent. Chaplin and Stonehole bays, along with the accompanying Jonson’s Cove, are pristine, picture postcard settings. They are made up of small and medium-sized sandy inlets.

Snorkel Park
A limestone tunnel through the keep’s wall puts you on the beachfront for snorkeling or water sports. This is often a popular stop for passengers coming off the cruise ships and reluctant to leave the Dockyard area.
Royal Naval Dockyard

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