Berlin Fast Dining

Berlin Fast Dining

by Donny Jones

For decades, Berlin was a non-entity for foodies in Europe. Over the past few years, gourmands have elevated its dining scene by leaps and bounds. Without trouble, you can find numerous elite restaurants and excellent cafes worthy of your wallet and business expense. You easily dine well for several weeks at different locations any time of day.

This article however, is not about fine dining. Its about fast dining in Berlin, provided you like lots of meat. Germany, you see, is a meat-eating culture, especially wurtz. I highly recommend you try the curry wurst – it’s like buying a hot dog at a stand. Its a cheap meal (about 2 Euros = $2), and absolutely delicious if you like curry, and if you don’t try it you might like it anyway. Make sure you get the fries and plenty of ketchup that goes with it!

Like any world-class city, you can get many types of cuisine at Berlin restaurants. There are a lot of Chinese who live here, and plenty of Japanese and Korean tourists. So if Asian food is your thing, go for it. They have all the American fast-food delights, and the hotels have good selections of world cuisines. As the Nazis high-tailed it to South America after the war, there are a lot of Brazilian and Argentinean restaurants. You also have plentiful Turkish and Greek food. Good Ethiopian restaurants. I did not like the Italian restaurants there, sorry.

Oh remember. Do not tip! It’s OK to leave your coin change, but Europeans consider tipping uncool and some Germans get nasty about it (at least the mean server we encountered did). So please put away your tip calculator.

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