Topography of Terror Wall, Berlin

Topography of Terror Wall in Berlin; (c) Soul Of America


Berlin is rebuilding a vibrant business district, trendy shops, dazzling restaurants, perky coffeehouses, and tourist-worthy train stations. Its prodigious history museum and historic sites also inform the world of necessary steps to overcome a terrible past. America could learn lessons.

Founded in the 13th century, almost no other great city has experienced such frequent transformative change.

The Place To See And Be Seen
Blacks who serve in the armed forces stationed in Germany yield a small number of black faces in the crowd.

The city is a premiere arts destination with four of the world’s most popular museums and dozens of smaller ones.

Fast Dining
One of the hippest places in Europe also delivers many tasty fast food options.

Travel Tips
Most of the curiosity stares are about peaceful black folk who act differently than negative media stereotypes.


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