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With a culture and dialect spawned from English, African and Venezuelan heritage, Aruba residents love life and may surprise you with their charm. Locals will happily discuss the meaning of life with anyone at the market, beach or rum shop. Perhaps Bajan music best reflects that joy of life in its mixture of jazz, classical, calypso, soca, pop and gospel music.

In 1636, near the end of the Eighty Years’ War between Spain and Holland, the Dutch began their long tenure of control over the island. Then in 1805, during the Napoleonic Wars, the British briefly took possession of Aruba … More

Arikok National Park encompasses the three geological formations that shape the island of Aruba: lava formation, quartz diorite formation and limestone formation extending inward from the coastline, made spectacular by a series of natural bridges … More

Arashi Beach on the northwestern end of the island skirts a barren lunar landscape and a winding road that leads up to California Lighthouse. Come see why the locals … More

Located in the southern Caribbean islands, it is the smallest of the ABC islands, yet has volcanic rocks, white sand, unusual rock formations and desert-like features that marvel … More

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The major holidays in this desert island are New Year’s Day, Betico Croes’ Birthday, Carnival Monday, Ash Wednesday … More


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