Get busy relaxing on Palm Beach on Aruba

Get busy relaxing on this long stretch of Palm Beach in Aruba; (c) Soul Of America


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Aruba residents of Indigenous, Dutch, English, African and Venezuelan ancestry and heritage love life and will happily discuss the meaning of it with anyone at the market, gift shop, beach, or rum shops — especially the rum shops.

After 150 years of Dutch colonial rule, the British briefly took possession, adding their island imprint.

Eye-catching lava formations, quartz diorites, and limestone shape the island’s geological identity.

Arashi Beach on the northwestern end skirts a barren landscape and a winding road to California Lighthouse.

A dormant volcano, exotic rock formations, and cactus plants inform you this is an unusual Caribbean island.

Travel Tips
Major celebrations occur on New Year’s Day, Betico Croes’ Birthday, and Carnival Monday.


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