Sailing off the coast of Anguilla Watersports

Sailing off the coast of Anguilla

Anguilla Watersports

The love of boat race, the boats themselves and boating rules are one with the island of Anguilla. As a sporting event, boat race here is surpassed by no other sport, each boat with its fans, each captain and crew with its strategy and each finish with its arguments.

As a spectator here, there is no other sight in all of sports that compares to the traditional schooners taking leave of the shore on the bright turquoise water. Oversized white sails like giant wings against the blue. With a heritage that harkens back to the early 1900’s, a boat race here is both an event and a tradition.

Centuries ago, when the failure of the plantation economy was apparent, the men of Anguilla took to the sea for employment on neighboring islands, in particular the sugarcane-plantations of the Dominican Republic to the west. On return, trips home became fierce competitions in speed. Schooners would battle the weather, the waves and each other to Road Bay for the glory of arriving home first. Boat races today are not much different.

Aside from its boatracing heritage, Anguilla is home to several marine parks including Dog Island, Prickly Pear, Seal Island Reef System, Little Bay, Sandy Island, Shoal Bay Harbour Reef System, Stoney Bay Marine Park and El Buen Consejo Underwater Archaeological Preserve featuring a sunken Spanish warship. Offerings at marine parks include wall dives, ledge dives, nine wreck dives, both new and historical. In the early morning, many Anguillians are seen swimming the length of Rendezvous Bay.

Dive Operators

Special ‘D’ Diving & Charters
PHONE: 1+ 264-235-8438

Shoal Bay Scuba
PHONE: 1+ 264-235-1482

Day Cruises

Anguilla’s warm and calm waters are teeming with wahoo, marlin, swordfish and yellow and black fin tuna. Regular fishing charters, operated by experienced Anguillians can guide you to some of the finest fishing spots in the Caribbean.

Footprint Charters
PHONE: 1+ 264-729-5179
WEBSITE: http://

Funtime Charters
PHONE: 1+ 264-497-6511

Gotcha! Garfield’s Sea Tours
PHONE: 1+264-235-7902
WEBSITE: http://

Keg 2 Island Harbour
PHONE: 1+ 264-497-4487

Sail Chocolat
PHONE: 1+ 264-497-3394

Junior’s Glass Bottom Boat
Located on Shoal Bay, Junior’s takes passengers on a cruise over the reef. Explore the underwater from the comfort of this covered canopy boat.
PHONE: 1+ 264-235-1008

Little Bay Boat Service
For a short water taxi ride from Crocus Bay to Little Bay, meet the skipper under the mahogany tree at Crocus Bay.
PHONE: 1+264-497-3939

Sandy Island Enterprises
This service ferries passengers to the cay for the day from November through June at 10a, 11a and Noon. Schedule your reservation early to ensure seating.
PHONE: 1+ 264-476-6534

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