Anguilla Transportation

Anguilla viewed from above

Anguilla Transportation


Clayton J. Lloyd International Airport (AXA) is small with few connections. The airport is easily accessible by air, through our main gateways in Puerto Rico, St. Maarten/Martin, Antigua, and St. Kitts. From Puerto Rico, Anguilla is just a one-hour direct flight via Seaborne Airlines and Tradewinds.

From St. Maarten/Martin, Anguilla is a seven-minute flight via Trans Anguilla, Anguilla Air Services. St. Maarten is serviced by most major international carriers including American Airlines, Continental Airlines, US Airways, United, Delta, Jet Blue, Air Canada, Air Transat (charter), Sky Service, West Jet, Air France, KLM, Copa, Corsair, and more.

The best way to get around is via taxi, as this is a 35-mile-long island. The drivers are generally good tour guides, and well needed given the few street signs and unpaved roads. Taxis are easy to find at the airport and major hotels.

Renting a car is more cost-effective than taking a taxi everywhere. But to drive on the island, visitors must be issued an Anguillan driver’s license, which you can acquire at most car rental agencies, ports of entry or at the police headquarters in The Valley. It’s a fairly affordable exchange: After you pay a one-time fee and show your valid U.S. license, you can leave with a temporary driving permit and a rental car.

But be prepared for driving island-style, meaning many of the roads are poorly paved, the street names are nonexistent and driving is on the left.

Unlike some Caribbean islands, taxis on Anguilla are metered. But they’re also expensive. Typical rates are above EC$20 one-way. But considering how nerve-wracking driving in an unfamiliar place can be, this might be your best option. On the plus side, the taxi drivers are excellent tour guides. You’ll have your choice of taxis from the ferry dock or at the airport; otherwise, you can call ahead for one from a hotel or restaurant.

If you’re not prone to seasickness, you should seriously consider taking the 25-minute ferry ride to St. Martin-St. Maarten for one day. Boats leave from Anguilla’s Blowing Point dock three times a day. The last boat of the day leaves St. Martin at 7 p.m. On top of the fare, you’ll also pay a small departure tax.

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