Crocus Bay, Anguilla Beaches

Crocus Bay Beach, Anguilla

Anguilla Beaches

Anguilla Beaches have their own signatures. This verdant island with 33 white-sand beaches and pure aquamarine water has few peers in the Caribbean. There are numerous calm bays and beaches perfect for snorkeling. Blue tangs and parrot fish dart among the sea fans, and sea turtles glide between rock formations. Crocus Bay, Shoal Bay East, Junk’s Hole, Sandy Island, and Little Bay are some of the most popular spots on the island. Snorkeling gear is usually available at your hotel and it’s always available from dive operators near prime diving locations.

Sandy Ground
Docked pleasure boats peer out from an isthmus between the Salt Pond and the Caribbean Sea on a developed stretch of beach that has a harborside village as its backdrop. Despite a fair amount of activity, the beach remains clean and picturesque for visitors and there are plenty of water sports, restaurants, and bars. In the daytime, the vibe is always lively because lifetime skippers who stroll the Caribbean always drop in. In the evening, it’s an excellent place for dancing and reveling.

Rendezvous Bay
It may well be the most popular beach on the island, with its long, wide white-sand beach and view of neighboring St. Martin Island. This beach is perfect for sunbathing, strolling or wetting your beak at local beach bars.

Shoal Bay East
Colorful bars, restaurants, and water sport renters line its 2 miles of powdery white sand. Many travel publications consider it one of the world’s best beaches. A treat for sunbathers is watching parasails tour over the luscious waters. Others who want to engage the marine setting in a relaxing way, enjoy a glass bottom boat tour of the reef. A family bonus — the soft waves are perfect for children.

Barnes Bay
A beautiful beach surrounded by villas and fine resorts between Barnes Bay and Meads Bay has an air of luxurious seclusion and numerous cabanas. The white sand beach has fine powder, without rocks or coarse shells to worry about stepping on. Another distinction is its inviting snorkeling areas with reef fish waiting for you to take their picture. Remember to buy peas to feed them.

Little Bay
As the most remote beach on the island, it offers secluded coves for picturesque romantic getaways; getting here requires a boat, maneuvering down a rope ladder, or walking down a goat path, so bring your own lunch and save a little for the pelicans.

Island Harbour
This local favorite features bright fishing and sailing boats, allowing you to peer into the life of local fishermen and sailors at work; local children also sail Sunfish; if the scenery makes you hungry and thirsty, no worries. There are many cafes and waterholes nearby.

Meads Bay
A visually impressive beach, with plush sands and rocky outcroppings, it’s home to some of the most elegant dining and hotel options on the island. Sunbathers with children enjoy its soft rolling waves.

Crocus Bay
Scenic coral cliffs are a perfect sunset location on the west side of the island. It’s usually secluded, but always stunning to see.

Dolphin Discovery
If you feel the urge to swim with dolphins, here’s your opportunity in Blowing Point Beach; select from one of three dolphin encounter experiences.

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