Black Cruises

Black Cruises

Black Cruises date back to the Jim Crow Era of segregation in America. Groups of small business owners and professionals usually rented smaller boats for day trips in the Chesapeake Bay or short trips from Miami or Fort Lauderdale to the Bahamas. Today, black cruises and soulful cruises range from groups of 100+ on a ship to filling an entire 3000-cabin luxury ship.

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The NPN 2017 Europe Leadership Summit
& Music Festival at Sea
August 25 – September 1, 2017

NPN Southeast Asia Cruise 2017

Accredited conferences during the day
Awesome concerts every night

1992 – National Professionals Network – 2017
“Celebrating 25 Years of Excellence in Conference Cruising”

7-Night Europe with optional:
2-Night Pre-Cruise in London, England
2-Night Post-Cruise in Paris France

NPN is an international association of multidisciplinary professionals who
have sailed the globe. You are cordially invited to join NPN for this 25th
Annual Continuing Education Conference Cruise. Our mission is to share
unique business and professional expertise while networking and
vacationing in extraordinary environments. You may attend Continuing
Education Unit (CEU), Continuing Medical Education (CME)
and Continuing Legal Education (CLE)
conferences hosted by Education at Sea in the
morning. You may also attend private custom VIP tours in the
afternoon, and fantastic comedy and concerts hosted by
Entertainment at Sea every night

Cruise Line:
Royal Caribbean International

Recently Revitalized – 3,990-Passenger
Navigator of the Seas

Port of Departure:

Ports of Call:
London, England
Paris, France
Lisbon, Portugal
Vigo, Spain
Southampton, England





Festival At Sea
Oldest black cruise operator to many international routes

Cruise With A Cause
Christian and cause-related cruising

Jazz Supercruise
Authentic jazz cruise

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