Jones Hall at Bennet College

Jones Hall at Bennett College; (c) Soul Of America

Bennett College


Bennett College is a private, United Methodist Church-affiliated, four-year liberal arts institution for women. Founded in 1873 as a coeducational institution with the first sessions held in the basement of St. Matthews United Methodist Church (then Warnersville Methodist Episcopal Church North), the school was founded through the inspiration of newly emancipated slaves.

During the next few years, African American members of the Methodist Church attempted to raise funds for land and a school building. However, when contributions fell short of the goal, a businessman from New York named Lyman Bennett donated $10,000.

Shortly thereafter Bennett died of pneumonia. In memoriam, the institution was renamed Bennett Seminary, and its first building was named Bennett Hall.

Bennett was reorganized and upgraded in 1926 to become a College for Women.

Academic Merit

Offering 22 areas of study toward the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, or Bachelor of Arts and Sciences degrees, there are also six honor societies and numerous opportunities for study off-campus at other institutions and abroad. Benedict College Honors Program seeks highly motivated, academically gifted students to engage in a challenging liberal arts education.

More than 80% of the faculty here hold doctorate degrees. The student-to-faculty ratio is eleven-to-one. You can earn a B.A. or B.S. in these disciplines:

Political Science
Global Studies
Journalism and Media Studies
Africana Women’s Studies
Social Work

Campus Life

Centrally located in urban Greensboro, North Carolina, the average student enrollment at Bennett is 600 women, the majority of whom are of African American descent from 29 states and 11 foreign countries representing the continents of Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Campus Living Learning Centers (residences) encompass Carrie Barge, Laura Cone, Annie Merner, and Annie Pfeiffer Halls, among others.

ADDRESS: 900 East Washington Street, Greensboro, NC MAP
PHONE: 800-413-5323