Oakland Restaurants

Oakland Restaurants and Nightclubs

Oakland Restaurants and Nightclubs owned and/or frequented by people of African descent are numerous. Find some of the best traditional & gourmet Soul Food, Barbecue, Creole, Caribbean, Seafood and Ethiopian cuisine in California. The city also features select jazz clubs, dance clubs and sports bars.

Everett & Jones BBQ
CUISINE: Barbecue

Souley Vegan Cafe
CUISINE: Soulful Vegan

Yoshi’s Oakland Jazzclub
CUISINE: Japanese

Picán Restaurant
CUISINE: Contemporary Southern

Home of Chicken & Waffles
CUISINE: Soul Food

Brown Sugar Kitchen
CUISINE: French Soul Food

B Side BBQ
CUISINE: Barbecue

Lois The Pie Queen
CUISINE: Pies and Soul Food

Red Sea Restaurant
CUISINE: Eritrean and Ethiopian

Dorsey’s Locker
CUISINE: Soul Food

Coffee With A Beat
CUISINE: Coffee and Desserts

Sports Page
CUISINE: Light Fare

Nellies Soulfood
CUISINE: Soul Food

Southern Cafe
CUISINE: Soul Food

Miss Ollies
CUISINE: Caribbean

Café Colucci
CUISINE: Ethiopian

Soul’s Restaurant
CUISINE: Soul Food

KC’s Bar-B-Que
CUISINE: Barbecue

Kimballs Carnival


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