Baltimore Restaurants & Nightclubs

Baltimore Restaurants & Nightclubs

Baltimore Restaurants & Nightclubs have the quantity you would anticipate for a medium size America city. Restaurants are represented by a modest group of traditional and upscale Soul Food, Caribbean and Barbecue restaurants. The city shines however with its numerous Seafood restaurants and crab houses. Millennials also drive the increasing numbers of coffeehouses in year. The Baltimore nightclub scene fluctuates, due to several closing during the economic downtown. A personal favorite that we miss is Eden’s Lounge. But the nightclub scene does not disappoint in the west and northwest part of the city and its suburbs.

Land of Kush
CUISINE: Vegetarian

Club 347
CUISINE: Light Fare

CUISINE: Teas and Salads

Darker Than Blue Cafe
CUISINE: Gourmet Soul Food

Dukem No. 2
CUISINE: Ethiopian

Miss Shirleys
CUISINE: Southern Food

Kader Camera Café Mocha
CUISINE: Coffee & Desserts

Eden’s Lounge
CUISINE: Tapas & Salads

Sasha’s 527 Cafe
CUISINE: Nouveau World Cuisine

New Five Mile House
CUISINE: Light Fare

Shareef’s Grill

Arch Social Club
CUISINE: Light Fare

Melba’s Place
CUISINE: Light Fare

Northwood Lounge
CUISINE: Soul Food

The Roost
CUISINE: Seafood & Wings

City View Bar & Grill
CUISINE: American

Identity Lounge
CUISINE: Crabs & Light Fare

Phaze 10 Lounge & Restaurant
CUISINE: American-Southern


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