Moulin Rouge Hotel marquee



Las Vegas, NV

Downtown Las Vegas

DESCRIPTION: From 1920-1940s, African Americans owned a large portion of downtown property; common businesses were shoe shine parlors, a hotel, hair, cafe, nightclub, small gambling clubs, newsstand, and newspaper businesses; today Fremont Street bisects those streets with the oldest and second largest collection of casino hotels in Las Vegas; African Americans also occupied 10 acres of land behind the Stardust Hotel

DAYS & HOURS: 24/7

ADDRESS: 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Stewart streets  MAP

Moulin Rouge Hotel & Casino
DESCRIPTION: Opened on or about 24 May 1955, the Moulin Rouge had the class of a Strip casino resort, yet was specifically opened to attract Black patrons; owned by a diverse group of investors, it attracted Sammy Davis, Jr., Harry Belafonte, Pearl Bailey, Nat King Cole, Louis Armstrong among many others; former boxing champ Joe Lewis was given an ownership interest in the casino to serve as a greeter; at first owners on the Strip, which was predominantly Mob-owned, welcomed it because it let them continue discrimination more easily and tell would-be Black patrons “visit the Moulin Rouge”; The Strip owners did not expect white celebrities like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Edward G. Robinson, Carey Grant and many others to go there for the 2:30am show, which became the hottest in town; we can draw a reasonable conclusion that the Mob wanted it closed quickly because too much after-hours money was being diverted from The Strip casinos; amazingly for such a successful venue, a number of circumstances were engineered to ensure that it closed only 6 months later in 1955 without direct evidence, but certainly Mob implications; it went bankrupt and was put up for sale, but reopened for the New Year's holiday of 1956-57; over the years it operated as a motel and bar without a casino, but never operated as a full casino again; in 1960, it hosted a meeting for Governor Grant Sawyer and civic leaders to sign an agreement with the NAACP to end segregation on the Strip; in 1992, it was placed on the National Register of Historic Places; it reopened  again on a limited basis in 1993-1996; in 2003, all but the building façade burned down in a devastating fire; at present, the face is propped up from the back and the attached bungalows serve as a cheap motel

DAYS & HOURS: daily

ADDRESS: 900 West Bonanza Road  MAP

PHONE: 702-648-4420


West Las Vegas Library Theatre

DESCRIPTION: Dedicated in 1989 and located in the heart of the Black community; wonderful selection of Black books, magazines and videos; Smithsonian and videos representing the African Diaspora available; also a comfortable venue for local plays; internet access and children‚s section

DAYS & HOURS: Mon-Thu 9a-9p, Fri-Sat 9a-5p, Sun 1p-5p

ADDRESS: 951 West Lake Mead Blvd  MAP

PHONE: 702-647-2117


West Las Vegas Arts Center
DESCRIPTION: Dance and piano studio, art displays, location for many Afrocentric events (storytelling, book club, video series, African Diaspora discussions, Juneteenth, Kwanzaa)

DAYS & HOURS: Mon & Thu 1p-9p, Tues-Wed 10a-9p, Fri 10a-6p, Sat 9a-5p

ADDRESS: 947 West Lake Mead Blvd  MAP

PHONE: 702-229-4800


First AME Church
DESCRIPTION: A relatively new church dedicated in 1975
ADDRESS: 2450 North Revere Street  MAP
PHONE: 702-649-1774

Zion Methodist Church
DESCRIPTION: Opened in 1917 and oldest Black church in Las Vegas
SUNDAY WORSHIP: 11a & 6:30p
ADDRESS: 2108 North Revere Street  MAP
PHONE: 702-648-7806

Second Baptist Church
DESCRIPTION: A ministry that keeps you active in life and your community, features several choirs; Jesse Jackson visits when in town

SUNDAY WORSHIP: 8a & 11a, 7p

ADDRESS: 500 Madison Ave  MAP

PHONE: 702-648-6155


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